Mobile Recording

With a mobile rig, Duck Kee can record performances in clubs, halls … wherever you have a good sounding room. At its basic form, the mobile studio can record 16 tracks. Away from clubs with their chaos and loud PA, Duck Kee can use more sophisticated mics and preamps. Headphone monitoring with multiple mixes is also available.

  • Dell laptop with dual core Intel processor, 4 GB RAM and firewire and expresscard connectivity
  • M-Audio 2626 Firewire and MOTU 8Pre Firewire Interfaces
  • Software: Cubase 5 and M-audio Pro Tools 7.4
  • Preamps: Portico 5012, Sytek 4, Toft, Symetrix 528, M-Audio, MOTU
  • Mic splitters: Radial (3x), Rolls (3x)
  • Direct boxes: Radial, Summit, Sansamp, BBE Acoustic, Stewart