About Jerry

Having been in and toured with a lot of bands through the years (see below), including a stint on Interscope Records with Dish, Jerry has most recently been playing drums in Regina Hexaphone and various instruments in the Stray Owls. He’s a long time fan of music, of course. Having breakfast with Joey Ramone is a memory he will hold forever dear.

Jerry enjoys watching movies (including but not limited to the samurai genre), pepperoni pizza, and diet cola of a variety of persuasion. He also likes sweet tea and the occasional biscuit.

the henry berryman chronicles

A Dramatic Self-Portrait
 the henry berryman chroniclesAt first, henry berryman was a name to put on the tapes that that Jerry was
making. A name not his own, because no one in WV did things like this (as far
as he could see). By the time the grackles disbanded, Jerry gained enough confidence
to try having his own band.
The 13 henry berryman albums are a mix of band and solo performances. Some are all solo; one [the great wall of henry] is entirely the band. Others are in between.

bfeeblesThe feebles started out as a chance for Jerry to do something really different: play the banjo! And to be in a band with Jerry’s friend Carla Burgess, who sings and drums. Murder Ballads were the starting point, but the feebles moved on to mostly originals. Thomas Wilson played upright bass, and Danny Moses fiddled.
Jerry has been the drummer for Regina Hexaphone for several years now. The band released a CD The Beautiful World in 2004.

Semicolon is, sadly, is no longer around, but they had a good long run!

The Arthur Project
The Arthur ProjectThe Arthur Project

Tom Shields and BIG SOCIETY



The bettysThe bettys
t h e
3 r d
m a n

The Grackles!

 The Grackles!

The Grackles!




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