Jerry Kee: MCI JH24 24 track 2" tape recorder

  • For many years, the mainstay recorder at Duck Kee was an MCI JH24 24 track 2″ tape recorder. This was a wonderful machine with a recognizable tone—it sounded like your favorite records! Unfortunately, this amazing piece of history was destroyed in a fire at Duck Kee Studio in 2018.
  • The current studio is digital only. A MacBook Pro computer is used to record using Cubase, Reaper, and Pro Tools software.
    Wavelab software is used for 2-track mixdown and mastering.
  • Analog-to-digital conversion is supplied by UAD Apollo 8 and Apollo Twin. Digital clock and spdif inputs provided by Black Lion. Additional preamps by Audient, TLA, Phoenix, and MOTU.
  • Wavelab software is used for 2-track editing and mastering.
  • Monitors by Emotiva, JBL, and Avantone.
  • Besides digital and analog synths, a 1937 Baldwin piano is available.
  • Various acoustic and electric string instruments by Gibson, Fender, Guild, and others are available.
  • Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, congas, timbales, derbekee, dumbek.