Jerry Kee: MCI JH24 24 track 2" tape recorder

  • For many years, the mainstay recorder at Duck Kee was an MCI JH24 24 track 2″ tape recorder. This is a wonderful machine with a recognizable toneā€”it sounds like your favorite records. Unfortunately, this amazing piece of history was destroyed in a fire at Duck Kee Studio.
  • Cubase 4 and Pro Tools 10 software and 3 Mark Of The Unicorn 828 MrkIII interfaces are used for digital recording. Duck Kee can transfer analog recordings to digital files in order to interface with other studios or take advantage of digital editing and mixing.
  • A Tascam MSR16 (16 track, 1/2″ tape, dbx noise reduction) and an ADAT-XT (8 track) are also available.
  • A Mackie D8B digital console provides monitoring and automated mixing. Plug-ins by Antares, Drawmer, George Massenberg, and others.
  • Wavelab 4.1 software is used for 2-track mixdown and mastering. A Dbx Quantum supplies A/D conversion and global equalization and multiband compression and limiting. Files up to 24 bits and 96kHz are supported. A Fostex DAT recorder and an Otari MX-50 (1/4″ tape half-track) are also available.
  • Mics by Neumann (U87, CMV 563 tube), Blue (Blueberry, Woodpecker), Reslo (ribbon), AKG (414s, 451, 112), Microtech Gefell (UM70S), Beyer, EV (RE20s), Seinhauser (421s), Shure (SM7B,98, 57s, 58) + more.
  • Preamps by Portico (Neve 5012), Universal Audio (LA-610), Telefunken, TL Audio (2 channels tube preamp/compressor, 2 channels tube preamp/EQ, 2 channels tube preamp), Toft Audio, Sytek (4 channels solid state), Symetrix, and others.
  • Other outboard gear includes compressors by Urei, dbx, and RNC; EQ by Empirical Labs, Rane, Orban, and Audio Arts; Antares Auto-tune, gates by Valley, Behringer,and Tristech.
  • Monitors by Dynaudio, EV, and Radio Shack!
  • Outboard Effects by Lexicon, Roland, Yamaha, Alesis.
  • Electric Instruments: Gibson (ES-347 and 6-string pedal steel), Fender (Nashville Telecaster, Jaguar, and Precision bass), Rickenbacker (bass and lap steel), Danelectro (12-string, Hodad), Godin nylon, Epiphone Mandobird.
  • Acoustic Instruments: Gibson J50, Guild 212 12-string, Kay Dobro, bowed psaltry, autoharp, mandolins, banjos, even a violin and balalaika.
  • Amps & Effects: Music Man, Peavey Classic 20 and 30, POD Pro, Bass POD
    Yamaha piano, Musser vibes, Roland JX-3P synth, Dave Smith Evolver mono synth, samplers, and a Schoenhut toy piano.
  • Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, congas, timbales, derbekee, dumbek, and boxes of other fun percussion stuff.